Matthew James Bush
Matthew James Bush
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The role of bacterial enhancer binding proteins as specialized activators of σ54-dependent transcription
M Bush, R Dixon
Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 76 (3), 497-529, 2012
c-di-GMP signalling and the regulation of developmental transitions in streptomycetes
MJ Bush, N Tschowri, S Schlimpert, K Flärdh, MJ Buttner
Nature Reviews Microbiology 13 (12), 749-760, 2015
Genes required for aerial growth, cell division, and chromosome segregation are targets of WhiA before sporulation in Streptomyces venezuelae
MJ Bush, MJ Bibb, G Chandra, KC Findlay, MJ Buttner
MBio 4 (5), e00684-13, 2013
Response regulator heterodimer formation controls a key stage in Streptomyces development
MM Al-Bassam, MJ Bibb, MJ Bush, G Chandra, MJ Buttner
PLoS genetics 10 (8), 2014
Genome-Wide Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing Analysis Shows that WhiB Is a Transcription Factor That Cocontrols Its Regulon with WhiA To Initiate Developmental Cell …
MJ Bush, G Chandra, MJ Bibb, KC Findlay, MJ Buttner
mBio 7 (2), e00523-16, 2016
Essential roles of three enhancer sites in σ54-dependent transcription by the nitric oxide sensing regulatory protein NorR
NP Tucker, T Ghosh, M Bush, X Zhang, R Dixon
Nucleic acids research 38 (4), 1182-1194, 2010
Transcriptional regulation by the dedicated nitric oxide sensor, NorR: a route towards NO detoxification
M Bush, T Ghosh, N Tucker, X Zhang, R Dixon
Biochemical Society Transactions 39 (1), 289-293, 2011
Nitric oxide‐responsive interdomain regulation targets the σ54‐interaction surface in the enhancer binding protein NorR
M Bush, T Ghosh, N Tucker, X Zhang, R Dixon
Molecular microbiology 77 (5), 1278-1288, 2010
The MerR-like protein BldC binds DNA direct repeats as cooperative multimers to regulate Streptomyces development
MA Schumacher, CD den Hengst, MJ Bush, TBK Le, NT Tran, G Chandra, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
The structural basis for enhancer‐dependent assembly and activation of the AAA transcriptional activator NorR
M Bush, T Ghosh, M Sawicka, IH Moal, PA Bates, R Dixon, X Zhang
Molecular microbiology 95 (1), 17-30, 2015
c-di-GMP arms an anti-σ to control progression of multicellular differentiation in Streptomyces
KA Gallagher, MA Schumacher, MJ Bush, MJ Bibb, G Chandra, ...
Molecular cell 77 (3), 586-599. e6, 2020
The actinobacterial WhiB‐like (Wbl) family of transcription factors
MJ Bush
Molecular microbiology 110 (5), 663-676, 2018
Multi‐layered inhibition of Streptomyces development: BldO is a dedicated repressor of whiB
MJ Bush, G Chandra, KC Findlay, MJ Buttner
Molecular microbiology 104 (5), 700-711, 2017
BldC delays entry into development to produce a sustained period of vegetative growth in Streptomyces venezuelae
MJ Bush, G Chandra, MM Al-Bassam, KC Findlay, MJ Buttner
mBio 10 (1), e02812-18, 2019
The crystal structure of the RsbN–σBldN complex from Streptomyces venezuelae defines a new structural class of anti-σ factor
MA Schumacher, MJ Bush, MJ Bibb, F Ramos-León, G Chandra, W Zeng, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (14), 7405-7417, 2018
When is a transcription factor a NAP?
CJ Dorman, MA Schumacher, MJ Bush, RG Brennan, MJ Buttner
Current Opinion in Microbiology 55, 26-33, 2020
Defining the regulon of genes controlled by σE, a key regulator of the cell envelope stress response in Streptomyces coelicolor
NT Tran, X Huang, HJ Hong, MJ Bush, G Chandra, D Pinto, MJ Bibb, ...
Molecular microbiology 112 (2), 461-481, 2019
Developmentally regulated volatiles geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol attract a soil arthropod to Streptomyces bacteria promoting spore dispersal
PG Becher, V Verschut, MJ Bibb, MJ Bush, BP Molnár, E Barane, ...
Nature Microbiology, 1-9, 2020
Interaction of the Streptomyces Wbl protein WhiD with the principal sigma factor σHrdB depends on the WhiD [4Fe-4S] cluster
MYY Stewart, MJ Bush, JC Crack, MJ Buttner, NE Le Brun
Journal of Biological Chemistry, jbc. RA120. 012708, 2020
Interdomain repression in the enhancer binding protein NorR
M Bush
University of East Anglia, 2011
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