Stephen Bingham
Stephen Bingham
Department of Physics, University of Bath
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Optical detection of transition metal ion electron paramagnetic resonance by coherent Raman spectroscopy
SJ Bingham, D Suter, A Schweiger, AJ Thomson
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Origin of the red luminescence in Mg-doped GaN
S Zeng, GN Aliev, D Wolverson, JJ Davies, SJ Bingham, DA Abdulmalik, ...
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Spectroscopic studies of Rhodobacter capsulatus cytochrome c′ in the isolated state and in intact cells
F Monkara, SJ Bingham, FHA Kadir, AG McEwan, AJ Thomson, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1100 (2), 184-188, 1992
An instrument for the collection of simultaneous small and wide angle X-ray scattering and stress–strain data during deformation of polymers at high strain rates using …
DJ Hughes, A Mahendrasingam, C Martin, WB Oatway, EL Heeley, ...
Review of scientific instruments 70 (10), 4051-4054, 1999
The design and sensitivity of microwave frequency optical heterodyne receivers
SJ Bingham, B Börger, D Suter, AJ Thomson
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Increased training volume improves bone density and cortical area in adolescent football players
I Varley, D Hughes, J Greeves, W Fraser, C Sale
International journal of sports medicine, 2017
Nature of acceptor states in magnesium-doped gallium nitride
GN Aliev, S Zeng, JJ Davies, D Wolverson, SJ Bingham, PJ Parbrook, ...
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Probing the electronic structure of transition metal ion centres in proteins by coherent Raman-detected electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy
SJBBB Jörg, GDSAJ Thomson
JBIC 5, 30-35, 2000
In situ detection of free and trapped electrons in dye-sensitized solar cells by photo-induced microwave reflectance measurements
HK Dunn, LM Peter, SJ Bingham, E Maluta, AB Walker
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Optically detected electron paramagnetic resonance by microwave modulated magnetic circular dichroism
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Magnetic circular dichroism anisotropy from coherent Raman detected electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy: Application to spin-1/2 transition metal ion centers in proteins
SJ Bingham, J Gutschank, B Börger, D Suter, AJ Thomson
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The role of vacancies in the red luminescence from Mg‐doped GaN
S Zeng, GN Aliev, D Wolverson, JJ Davies, SJ Bingham, DA Abdulmalik, ...
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High-resolution optical detection of electron spin resonance in epitaxial semiconductor layers by coherent Raman spectroscopy
SJ Bingham, JJ Davies, D Wolverson
Physical Review B 65 (15), 155301, 2002
Breaking the Stokes–anti-Stokes symmetry in Raman heterodyne detection of magnetic-resonance transitions
R Neuhaus, MJ Sellars, SJ Bingham, D Suter
Physical Review A 58 (6), 4961, 1998
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JJ Davies, GN Aliev, SJ Bingham, D Wolverson, S Stepanov, B Yavich, ...
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GN Aliev, S Zeng, SJ Bingham, D Wolverson, JJ Davies, T Wang, ...
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Electron paramagnetic resonance of Mn2+ ions in CdTe detected by coherent Raman spectroscopy
LC Smith, D Wolverson, SJ Bingham, JJ Davies
physica status solidi (b) 243 (4), 892-896, 2006
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