Jane A Grasby
Jane A Grasby
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Nucleic acids in chemistry and biology
GM Blackburn, MJ Gait, D Loakes, DM Williams, JA Grasby, M Egli, ...
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2006
Human flap endonuclease structures, DNA double-base flipping, and a unified understanding of the FEN1 superfamily
SE Tsutakawa, S Classen, BR Chapados, AS Arvai, LD Finger, ...
Cell 145 (2), 198-211, 2011
Metal ions play a passive role in the hairpin ribozyme catalysed reaction
KJ Young, F Gill, JA Grasby
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SE Lee, A Sidorov, T Gourlain, N Mignet, SJ Thorpe, JA Brazier, ...
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Purine functional groups in essential residues of the hairpin ribozyme required for catalytic cleavage of RNA
JA Grasby, K Mersmann, M Singh, MJ Gait
Biochemistry 34 (12), 4068-4076, 1995
Hydrogen-bonding contacts in the major groove are required for human immunodeficiency virus type-1 tat protein recognition of TAR RNA
F Hamy, U Asseline, J Grasby, S Iwai, C Pritchard, G Slim, PJG Butler, ...
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Enhancing the catalytic repertoire of nucleic acids. II. Simultaneous incorporation of amino and imidazolyl functionalities by two modified triphosphates during PCR
T Gourlain, A Sidorov, N Mignet, SJ Thorpe, SE Lee, JA Grasby, ...
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Sequence‐specific cleavage of RNA in the absence of divalent metal ions by a DNAzyme incorporating imidazolyl and amino functionalities
AV Sidorov, JA Grasby, DM Williams
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Sequence‐specific cleavage of RNA in the absence of divalent metal ions by a DNAzyme incorporating imidazolyl and amino functionalities
AV Sidorov, JA Grasby, DM Williams
Nucleic acids research 32 (4), 1591-1601, 2004
Methylphosphonate mapping of phosphate contacts critical for RNA recognition by the human immunodeficiency virus tat and rev proteins
CE Pritchard, JA Grasby, F Hamy, AM Zacharek, M Singh, J Karn, MJ Gait
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Stereochemical outcome of the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by the EcoRV restriction endonuclease
JA Grasby, BA Connolly
Biochemistry 31 (34), 7855-7861, 1992
Influence of the Phosphate Backbone on the Recognition and Hydrolysis of DNA by the EcoRV Restriction Endonuclease A STUDY USING OLIGODEOXYNUCLEOTIDE PHOSPHOROTHIOATES
H Thorogood, JA Grasby, BA Connolly
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Human hnRNP protein A1 gene expression: structural and functional characterization of the promoter
G Biamonti, MT Bassi, L Cartegni, F Mechta, M Buvoli, F Cobianchi, ...
Journal of molecular biology 230 (1), 77-89, 1993
The synthesis of oligoribonucleotides containing O6-methylguanosine: the role of conserved guanosine residues in hammerhead ribozyme cleavage
JA Grasby, P Jonathan, G Butler, JG Michael
Nucleic acids research 21 (19), 4444-4450, 1993
The 3′-flap pocket of human flap endonuclease 1 is critical for substrate binding and catalysis
LD Finger, MS Blanchard, CA Theimer, B Sengerová, P Singh, V Chavez, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (33), 22184-22194, 2009
Unpairing and gating: sequence-independent substrate recognition by FEN superfamily nucleases
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Dynamic evidence for metal ion catalysis in the reaction mediated by a flap endonuclease
MR Tock, E Frary, JR Sayers, JA Grasby
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The RuvABC resolvasome: Quantitative analysis of RuvA and RuvC assembly on junction DNA
MJ Dickman, SM Ingleston, SE Sedelnikova, JB Rafferty, RG Lloyd, ...
European journal of biochemistry 269 (22), 5492-5501, 2002
Substrate recognition and catalysis by flap endonucleases and related enzymes
CG Tomlinson, JM Atack, B Chapados, JA Tainer, JA Grasby
Biochemical Society Transactions 38 (2), 433-437, 2010
Flap endonucleases pass 5′-flaps through a flexible arch using a disorder-thread-order mechanism to confer specificity for free 5′-ends
N Patel, JM Atack, LD Finger, JC Exell, P Thompson, S Tsutakawa, ...
Nucleic acids research 40 (10), 4507-4519, 2012
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