Fabio Ballini
Fabio Ballini
Assistant Professor
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Air pollution from ships in ports: The socio-economic benefit of cold-ironing technology
F Ballini, R Bozzo
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The development of a decision making framework for evaluating the trade-off solutions of cleaner seaborne transportation
A Ölçer, F Ballini
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AI Ölçer, M Kitada, D Dalaklis, F Ballini
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R Karimpour, F Ballini, AI Ölcer
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Ports' technical and operational measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission and improve energy efficiency: A review
AS Alamoush, F Ballini, AI Ölçer
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Shipping operations management
PM Panayides, ID Visvikis
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Air pollution from ships in Danish harbours: feasibility study of cold-ironing technology in Copenhagen
F Ballini
Impressioni grafiche Publishing, 2014
Health costs and economic impact of wind assisted ship propulsion
F Ballini, AI Ölçer, J Brandt, D Neumann
Ocean Engineering 146, 477-485, 2017
Exploring the new policy framework of environmental performance management for shipping: a pilot study
AH Rony, M Kitada, D Dalaklis, AI Ölçer, F Ballini
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Economic impact to shipping industry: Economic impact to shipping industry considering Maritime Spatial Planning and green routes in pilot case studies
D Stratigis, E Papadopoulos, L Pongolini, F Ballini
Energy management in the maritime industry
AI Ölçer, F Ballini
Corporate social responsibility in the maritime industry, 131-148, 2018
Protecting the Arctic Environment: Challenges and Opportunities for Liquefied Natural Gas
D Dalaklis, A Ölçer, F Balini, LJ Dewitz
Economic challenge and new maritime risks management: What blue growth …, 2017
Geopoli tical considerations of shipping operations in the Arctic: mapping the current state of icebreakers and identifying future needs
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Selecting technological alternatives for regulatory compliance towards emissions reduction from shipping: An integrated fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making approach under …
KQ Bui, AI Ölçer, M Kitada, F Ballini
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part M: Journal of …, 2021
The development of a policy framework to mitigate underwater noise pollution from commercial vessels: The role of ports
SV Vakili, AI Ölçer, F Ballini
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Exploring the frontiers of maritime energy management research
M Kitada, D Dalaklis, M Drewniak, A Olcer, F Ballini
Global perspectives in MET: Towards Sustainable, Green and Integrated …, 2017
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