Theo Theodoridis
Theo Theodoridis
Lecturer in Robotics, School of CSE, University of Salford
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Novel design of a soft lightweight pneumatic continuum robot arm with decoupled variable stiffness and positioning
ME Giannaccini, C Xiang, A Atyabi, T Theodoridis, S Nefti-Meziani, ...
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Toward intelligent security robots: A survey
T Theodoridis, H Hu
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BioSleeve: A natural EMG-based interface for HRI
C Assad, M Wolf, A Stoica, T Theodoridis, K Glette
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Ubiquitous robotics in physical human action recognition: A comparison between dynamic anns and gp
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Variable stiffness Mckibben muscles with hydraulic and pneumatic operating modes
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Action classification of 3d human models using dynamic anns for mobile robot surveillance
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Towards human-friendly efficient control of multi-robot teams
A Stoica, T Theodoridis, H Hu, K McDonald-Maier, DF Barrero
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Design, fabrication and testing of a 2 DOF compliant flexural microgripper
RD Dsouza, KP Navin, T Theodoridis, P Sharma
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Maximum margin decision surfaces for increased generalisation in evolutionary decision tree learning
A Agapitos, M O’Neill, A Brabazon, T Theodoridis
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A variable stiffness soft gripper using granular jamming and biologically inspired pneumatic muscles
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Kinect enabled monte carlo localisation for a robotic wheelchair
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Learning environment models in car racing using stateful genetic programming
A Agapitos, M O'Neill, A Brabazon, T Theodoridis
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Novel soft bending actuator-based power augmentation hand exoskeleton controlled by human intention
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The design and mathematical model of a novel variable stiffness extensor-contractor pneumatic artificial muscle
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The Fuzzy Sars'a'(λ) Learning Approach Applied to a Strategic Route Learning Robot Behaviour
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Novel design and position control strategy of a soft robot arm
A Al-Ibadi, S Nefti-Meziani, S Davis, T Theodoridis
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A QA-TSK fuzzy model vs evolutionary decision trees towards nonlinear action pattern recognition
T Theodoridis, A Agapitos, H Hu
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A gaussian groundplan projection area model for evolving probabilistic classifiers
T Theodoridis, A Agapitos, H Hu
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Intelligent security robots: A survey
T Theodoridis, H Hu
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A fuzzy-convolution model for physical action and behaviour pattern recognition of 3d time series
T Theodoridis, H Hu
2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, 407-412, 2009
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