Yutaka Sumino
Yutaka Sumino
Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Science
ยืนยันอีเมลแล้วที่ rs.tus.ac.jp - หน้าแรก
Large-scale vortex lattice emerging from collectively moving microtubules
Y Sumino, KH Nagai, Y Shitaka, D Tanaka, K Yoshikawa, H Chaté, ...
Nature 483 (7390), 448-452, 2012
Self-running droplet: Emergence of regular motion from nonequilibrium noise
Y Sumino, N Magome, T Hamada, K Yoshikawa
Physical Review Letters 94 (6), 068301, 2005
Mode selection in the spontaneous motion of an alcohol droplet
K Nagai, Y Sumino, H Kitahata, K Yoshikawa
Physical Review E 71 (6), 065301, 2005
Collective motion of self-propelled particles with memory
KH Nagai, Y Sumino, R Montagne, IS Aranson, H Chaté
Physical review letters 114 (16), 168001, 2015
Chemosensitive running droplet
Y Sumino, H Kitahata, K Yoshikawa, M Nagayama, MN Shin-ichiro, ...
Physical Review E 72 (4), 041603, 2005
Spontaneous motion of a droplet coupled with a chemical wave
H Kitahata, N Yoshinaga, KH Nagai, Y Sumino
Physical Review E 84 (1), 015101, 2011
Drift instability in the motion of a fluid droplet with a chemically reactive surface driven by Marangoni flow
N Yoshinaga, KH Nagai, Y Sumino, H Kitahata
Physical Review E 86 (1), 016108, 2012
Oscillation and synchronization in the combustion of candles
H Kitahata, J Taguchi, M Nagayama, T Sakurai, Y Ikura, A Osa, Y Sumino, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (29), 8164-8168, 2009
Blebbing dynamics in an oil-water-surfactant system through the generation and destruction of a gel-like structure
Y Sumino, H Kitahata, H Seto, K Yoshikawa
Physical Review E 76 (5), 055202, 2007
Self-motion of an oil droplet: A simple physicochemical model of active Brownian motion
Y Sumino, K Yoshikawa
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 18 (2), 026106, 2008
Spontaneous deformation of an oil droplet induced by the cooperative transport of cationic and anionic surfactants through the interface
Y Sumino, H Kitahata, H Seto, S Nakata, K Yoshikawa
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (48), 15709-15714, 2009
Dynamical blebbing at a droplet interface driven by instability in elastic stress: a novel self-motile system
Y Sumino, H Kitahata, H Seto, K Yoshikawa
Soft Matter 7 (7), 3204-3212, 2011
Relationship between the size of a camphor-driven rotor and its angular velocity
Y Koyano, M Gryciuk, P Skrobanska, M Malecki, Y Sumino, H Kitahata, ...
Physical Review E 96 (1), 012609, 2017
Rotational motion of a droplet induced by interfacial tension
KH Nagai, F Takabatake, Y Sumino, H Kitahata, M Ichikawa, N Yoshinaga
Physical Review E 87 (1), 013009, 2013
Spontaneous motion of a Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction droplet coupled with a spiral wave
H Kitahata, N Yoshinaga, KH Nagai, Y Sumino
Chemistry Letters 41 (10), 1052-1054, 2012
Regular self-motion of a liquid droplet powered by the chemical marangoni effect
K Nagai, Y Sumino, K Yoshikawa
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 56 (1-2), 197-200, 2007
Pattern Formations and Oscillatory Phenomena
S Kinoshita
Newnes, 2013
Formation of a multiscale aggregate structure through spontaneous blebbing of an interface
Y Sumino, H Kitahata, Y Shinohara, NL Yamada, H Seto
Langmuir 28 (7), 3378-3384, 2012
Self-Organized Motion: Physicochemical Design Based on Nonlinear Dynamics
S Nakata, H Kitahata, V Pimienta, Y Sumino, T Toyota, T Ban, I Lagzi, ...
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018
Pattern of a confined chemical garden controlled by injection speed
S Wagatsuma, T Higashi, Y Sumino, A Achiwa
Physical Review E 95 (5), 052220, 2017
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