Miguel Ponce de Leon
Miguel Ponce de Leon
Chief Technologist, Telecommunications Software and Systems Group, TSSG, Waterford Institute of
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Creating a distributed mobile networking testbed environment-through the living labs approach
MPP de Leon, M Eriksson, S Balasubramaniam, W Donnelly
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Services of living labs and their networks
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Creating a distributed mobile networking testbed environment-through the living labs approach
M Ponce de Leon, S Balasubramaniam, W Donnelly
Transport over heterogeneous networks using the RINA architecture
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A user centric always best connected service business model for mvnos
MP de Leon, A Adhikari
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Autonomic orchestration of future networks to realize prosumer services
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Final Architectural Framework
PA Aranda, M Zitterbart, Z Boudjemil, M Ghader, GH Garcia, M Johnsson, ...
June, 2010
Daidalos framework for successful testbed integration
MP De Leon, FC Grant, M Roddy, MG Moreno, AR Vicente, C Jedrzejek
2007 3rd International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructure …, 2007
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