Ramathibodi Medical Journal
Ramathibodi Medical Journal
Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
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Thai version of the medical outcome study 36 items short form health survey: an instrument for measuring clinical results in mental disorder patients
R Kongsakon, C Silpakit
Rama Med J 23 (1), 8-19, 2000
Streptococcus suis meningitis at Ramathibodi hospital
P Pootong, P Boongrid, P Phuapradit
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 16, 203-207, 1993
Neuroimaging in paralytic rabies
J Laothamatas, T Hemachudha, S Tulayadechanont, E Mitrabhakdi
Rama Med J 20, 141-148, 1997
Perception of symptom burden, financial burden, and quality of life in patients with end stage renal disease undergoing hemodialysis
J Tiansaard, S Chaiviboontham, N Phinitkhajorndech
Ramathibodi Nursing Journal 23 (1), 60-77, 2017
Factors predicting the change of symptom distress among Thai women with cervical cancer
B Sumdeangrit, S Hanucharurnkul, S Wilailak, T Vorapongsathorn, ...
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 34 (1), 45-57, 2011
Anorexia nervosa: role of antipsychotic drugs in the treatment
N Limsuwan
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 6 (4), 285-290, 1983
The penicillinase producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae (PPNG) and treatment with cefuroxime
N Polnikorn, M Vorachit, S Puavilai, S Charuvichitratana
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 4, 234-8, 1981
Polypharmacy in the elderly
S Ruangritchankul
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 41 (1), 95-104, 2018
Social support: An important factor to care for persons with diabetes mellitus
A Siripitayakunkit
Ramathibodi Nursing Journal 16 (2), 309-322, 2010
Time course of lead accumulation in Battery workers.
K Pumala
Ramathibodi Med J 17, 11, 1994
The assessment of auditory comprehension ability with a Thai adaptation of the Token Test
C Akamanon
Ramathibodi Medical Journal (Thailand) 12, 104-108, 1989
Maternal and child health care movement and the child mortality, morbidity
P Kanjanasthiti
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 9, 124-130, 1986
The correlation between common aeroallergen sensitization and quality of life in adult chronic rhinitis patients
N Dechapaphapitak, M Tongdee, C Wongsa, T Kafaksom, ...
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 41 (4), 27-36, 2018
Prevalence of aeroallergen sensitization from skin prick test in allergy clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital
S Oncham, M Tongdee, N Dachaprapapitak, T Kafaksom, C Wongsa, ...
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 41 (2), 9-15, 2018
Israngura Na Ayudhya N, Paiwattananupant K. A comparative analysis on the infusion reactions of paclitaxel between original and generic drugs in patients with gynecologic cancer
R Chaitosa, W Kumyoo
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 41 (2), 36-43, 2018
Muscle Biopsy: A useful tool and approach for diagnostic evaluation of muscle disease
J Waisayarat
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 38 (2), 154-172, 2015
Videolaryngoscope versus Macintosh Laryngoscope in Stimulated Patients With Limitation of Neck Movements
C Yuksen, T Prachanukool, W Chinsupaluk, T Trainarongsakul
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 37 (2), 71-80, 2014
Model of Medical Expertise: Why teach" thought process"
P Yodnophaklao
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 36 (3), 235-240, 2013
Performance of using Pediatric Length-Based Resuscitation Tape by Non-pediatric Medical Personnel in ED
C Yuksen
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 36 (1), 23-37, 2013
Sense of community and perception of neighbourhood environment of senior citizens in slum of bangkok
P Kraithaworn, N Piasue
Ramathibodi Medical Journal 19 (1), 2013
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