David S. H. Rosenthal
David S. H. Rosenthal
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Marketing strategy and management
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Preserving peer replicas by rate-limited sampled voting
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Anatomy of a Solid-state Drive
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Method and apparatus for accelerating the transfer of graphical images
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DMA controller translates virtual I/O device address received directly from application program command to physical i/o device address of I/O device on device bus
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Method and apparatus for the context switching of devices
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2 p2p or not 2 p2p?
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Method of controlling I/O routing by setting connecting context for utilizing I/O processing elements within a computer system to produce multimedia effects
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System for providing fast transfers to input/output device by assuring commands from only one application program reside in FIFO
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The economics of long-term digital storage
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Memory of the World in the Digital Age, Vancouver, BC, 2012
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