Andrew M Hemmings
Andrew M Hemmings
Reader in Chemistry
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X-ray analysis of HIV-1 proteinase at 2.7 Å resolution confirms structural homology among retroviral enzymes
R Lapatto, T Blundell, A Hemmings, J Overington, A Wilderspin, S Wood, ...
Nature 342 (6247), 299-302, 1989
The specificity of polygalacturonase‐inhibiting protein (PGIP): a single amino acid substitution in the solvent‐exposed β‐strand/β‐turn region of the leucine‐rich repeats (LRRs …
F Leckie, B Mattei, C Capodicasa, A Hemmings, L Nuss, B Aracri, ...
The EMBO Journal 18 (9), 2352-2363, 1999
Structural and mechanistic basis of immunity toward endonuclease colicins
C Kleanthous, UC Kühlmann, AJ Pommer, N Ferguson, SE Radford, ...
Nature structural biology 6 (3), 243-252, 1999
A different function for a member of an ancient and highly conserved cytochrome P450 family: from essential sterols to plant defense
X Qi, S Bakht, B Qin, M Leggett, A Hemmings, F Mellon, J Eagles, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (49), 18848-18853, 2006
Structure and spectroscopy of the periplasmic cytochrome c nitrite reductase from Escherichia coli
VA Bamford, HC Angove, HE Seward, AJ Thomson, JA Cole, JN Butt, ...
Biochemistry 41 (9), 2921-2931, 2002
High resolution X-ray analyses of renin inhibitor-aspartic proteinase complexes
SI Foundling, J Cooper, FE Watson, A Cleasby, LH Pearl, BL Sibanda, ...
Nature 327 (6120), 349-352, 1987
Structural basis for the oxidation of thiosulfate by a sulfur cycle enzyme
VA Bamford, S Bruno, T Rasmussen, C Appia‐Ayme, MR Cheesman, ...
The EMBO journal 21 (21), 5599-5610, 2002
Structural parsimony in endonuclease active sites: should the number of homing endonuclease families be redefined?
UC Kühlmann, GR Moore, R James, C Kleanthous, AM Hemmings
FEBS letters 463 (1-2), 1-2, 1999
Mechanism and cleavage specificity of the HNH endonuclease colicin E9
AJ Pommer, S Cal, AH Keeble, D Walker, SJ Evans, UC KuÈhlmann, ...
Journal of molecular biology 314 (4), 735-749, 2001
Biochemical analysis of a multifunctional cytochrome P450 (CYP51) enzyme required for synthesis of antimicrobial triterpenes in plants
K Geisler, RK Hughes, F Sainsbury, GP Lomonossoff, M Rejzek, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (35), E3360-E3367, 2013
Spectropotentiometric and structural analysis of the periplasmic nitrate reductase from Escherichia coli
BJN Jepson, S Mohan, TA Clarke, AJ Gates, JA Cole, CS Butler, JN Butt, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (9), 6425-6437, 2007
A peptide that stimulates phosphorylation of the plant insulin‐binding protein: isolation, primary structure and cDNA cloning
Y Watanabe, SF Barbashov, S Komatsu, AM Hemmings, M Miyagi, ...
European journal of biochemistry 224 (1), 167-172, 1994
The 3-D structure of HIV-1 proteinase and the design of antiviral agents for the treatment of AIDS
TL Blundell, R Lapatto, AF Wilderspin, AM Hemmings, PM Hobart, ...
Trends in biochemical sciences 15 (11), 425-430, 1990
The structure of TolB, an essential component of the tol-dependent translocation system, and its protein–protein interaction with the translocation domain of colicin E9
S Carr, CN Penfold, V Bamford, R James, AM Hemmings
Structure 8 (1), 57-66, 2000
Open conformation of a flavocytochrome c 3 fumarate reductase
V Bamford, PS Dobbin, DJ Richardson, AM Hemmings
Nature structural biology 6 (12), 1104-1107, 1999
Homing in on the role of transition metals in the HNH motif of colicin endonucleases
AJ Pommer, UC Kühlmann, A Cooper, AM Hemmings, GR Moore, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (38), 27153-27160, 1999
The SoxYZ complex carries sulfur cycle intermediates on a peptide swinging arm
V Sauvé, S Bruno, BC Berks, AM Hemmings
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (32), 23194-23204, 2007
Coiled-coil protein Scy is a key component of a multiprotein assembly controlling polarized growth in Streptomyces
NA Holmes, J Walshaw, RM Leggett, A Thibessard, KA Dalton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (5), E397-E406, 2013
Fur is not the global regulator of iron uptake genes in Rhizobium leguminosarum
M Wexler, JD Todd, O Kolade, D Bellini, AM Hemmings, G Sawers, ...
Microbiology 149 (5), 1357-1365, 2003
Crystal structure of glycyl endopeptidase from Carica papaya: a cysteine endopeptidase of unusual substrate specificity
BP O'Hara, AM Hemmings, DJ Buttle, LH Pearl
Biochemistry 34 (40), 13190-13195, 1995
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