Bowon Lee
Bowon Lee
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AVICAR: Audio-visual speech corpus in a car environment
B Lee, M Hasegawa-Johnson, C Goudeseune, S Kamdar, S Borys, M Liu, ...
Eighth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2004
A survey of sound source localization methods in wireless acoustic sensor networks
M Cobos, F Antonacci, A Alexandridis, A Mouchtaris, B Lee
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2017, 2017
System and method for determining the active talkers in a video conference
B Lee, D Mukherjee
US Patent 9,154,730, 2015
A steered-response power algorithm employing hierarchical search for acoustic source localization using microphone arrays
LO Nunes, WA Martins, MVS Lima, LWP Biscainho, FM Gonçalves, A Said, ...
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Simultaneous-speaker voice activity detection and localization using mid-fusion of SVM and HMMs
VP Minotto, CR Jung, B Lee
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 16 (4), 1032-1044, 2014
The sound of silence
WT Tan, M Baker, B Lee, R Samadani
Proceedings of the 11th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems …, 2013
Multimodal multi-channel on-line speaker diarization using sensor fusion through SVM
VP Minotto, CR Jung, B Lee
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 17 (10), 1694-1705, 2015
A blind algorithm for reverberation-time estimation using subband decomposition of speech signals
TM Prego, AA de Lima, SL Netto, B Lee, A Said, RW Schafer, T Kalker
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131 (4), 2811-2816, 2012
Connectboard: A remote collaboration system that supports gaze-aware interaction and sharing
KH Tan, I Robinson, R Samadani, B Lee, D Gelb, A Vorbau, B Culbertson, ...
2009 IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 1-6, 2009
Minimum mean-squared error a posteriori estimation of high variance vehicular noise
B Lee, M Hasegawa-Johnson
Biennial on DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems, 2007
Support for audience interaction in presentations
K Tan, B Lee
US Patent 8,558,894, 2013
Multimodal object localization
B Lee, K Tan
US Patent 8,174,932, 2012
Audiovisual voice activity detection based on microphone arrays and color information
VP Minotto, CBO Lopes, J Scharcanski, CR Jung, B Lee
IEEE Journal of selected topics in Signal Processing 7 (1), 147-156, 2013
On the quality assessment of sound signals
AA de Lima, FP Freeland, RA de Jesus, BC Bispo, LWP Biscainho, ...
2008 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 416-419, 2008
System and method for distributed meeting capture
B Lee
US Patent 8,451,315, 2013
Robust acoustic self-localization of mobile devices
DB Haddad, WA Martins, MVM Da Costa, LWP Biscainho, LO Nunes, ...
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 15 (4), 982-995, 2015
A volumetric SRP with refinement step for sound source localization
MVS Lima, WA Martins, LO Nunes, LWP Biscainho, TN Ferreira, ...
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Reverberation Assessment in Audioband Speech Signals for Telepresence Systems.
AA de Lima, FP Freeland, PAA Esquef, LWP Biscainho, BC Bispo, ...
SIGMAP, 257-262, 2008
GPU-based approaches for real-time sound source localization using the SRP-PHAT algorithm
VP Minotto, CR Jung, LG da Silveira Jr, B Lee
The International journal of high performance computing applications 27 (3 …, 2013
Appliance classification by power signal analysis based on multi-feature combination multi-layer LSTM
JG Kim, B Lee
Energies 12 (14), 2804, 2019
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